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Have openings in your child care program?
As openings or changes occur, please contact us toll free at (866)511-2244 to update your file in our referral database.
What is Child Care Aware?
Child Care Aware of West/Central Minnesota
provides families, child care providers, and communities with information and support for quality child care that is affordable and accessible for families in west central and southwest Minnesota. That means we work both with families and child care providers:
  • We are a referral source for families, providing information and support to families in search of child care.
  • We are a resource for child care providers. We provide professional growth and development with educational programs, grants, training, consultation, and mentoring.
  • We are an advocate for high quality child care. We reach out to businesses and communities to generate awareness and support for high quality child care.
Child Care Aware West/Central is a member of Child Care Aware of Minnesota.

Child Care Aware programs Guide Families and Build Connections

  • Help families find child care that best meets their needs
  • Provide individualized referrals to family child care homes, centers, preschool programs, and school-age programs
  • Maintain a comprehensive updated database of all licensed child care programs and providers, and school-age programs
  • Inform families about licensing regulations, services for children with special health and developmental needs, financial, social, and community services
  • Increase family choice by building the supply of child care
  • Enhance the quality of child care through provider training, site visits, grants, and general support
  • Support providers/programs through the licensing process
  • Promote the professional growth and development of child care program staff and providers through grants, resources, training, consultation, and mentoring
  • Supply information on loans and scholarships and administer state grants to child care providers, programs, and staff
  • Market programs through parent referrals
  • Educate local communities and leaders about child care issues
  • Work with communities to effectively address child care needs
  • Provide information on the supply and demand of child care
  • Increase the business community's awareness of, and investment in, early care and education.
  • Link businesses with child care solutions, such as child care resource and referral, the dependent care assistance plan, and community partnerships

Child Care Aware of Minnesota, West/Central
7th & Washington Ave - PO Box 159
Montevideo, MN 56265
(320)269-8727 or (800)292-5437
Fax (320)269-6570